About Tonika

Time-tested and affordable for everyone, Tonika hair toners are high-quality and efficient


Starting a revolutionary new trend in hair colouring in 1998, Tonika almost fully replaced henna and ammonia-based hair dyes, offering new, ready-to-use and super convenient products. Permanent saturated colours do their work without damaging your hair and scalp. Henna and other conventional hair dyes now take a back seat. It had never been that easy to change hair colour before.


In 2008 the Russian beauty market was growing rapidly. The variety of hair dyes and toners provoked vigorous competition, and Tonika became the best selling hair toner. To be a leader means never stop improving. Tonika goes on and creates a new product package and design. A big lock of hair and a new flask make it easier to choose a colour tint. The product really stands out among its competitors.


Tonika becomes more ergonomic. A flip-top and applicator bottle nozzle makes the colouring process super comfortable and easy.


Following new trends in creative hair colouring, Tonika creates a new product line in 2018. COLOREVOLUTION is the perfect solution when it comes to creating a unique image. There are 6 ultra-trendy shades of tint colouring hair conditioner for creative and extreme colouring.


Tonika: The year of change
Tonika changes the assortment structure in order to simplify the colour selection. Each category - shades of blonde, natural, grey and yellow neutralizers - has its own combination of pigments for the best result.

New Tonika hair colour system is more intuitive, safe and easier to understand

All the products conform to the safety and quality standards.
Contains natural ingredients.
Ammonia and alcohol free. Does not damage hair structure and maintains the natural skin pH-balance.
Never tested on animals and will never be.
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