Toning hair: useful tips

Follow our recommendations to tone your hair at home professionally. Enjoy the perfect result!
1. Consider the original color of your locks
It is necessary to consider the original color of your locks when you chose the color of the TONIKA.

For example: if your hair is dark you should choose the closest tone to your natural color (or 2-3 tones darker) because TONIKA does not have lightening properties. Red, burgundy, violet, chocolate and chestnut tones are considered good options for brunettes.

If you have a blonde hair you can choose any of tones, but pearl, silver and platinum look especially advantageous.

If you have a red hair you should approach the toning procedure carefully and choose only red tones: bronze, copper or chestnut. You do not need to try and turn blonde or brunette, because the resulting color might not end up being what you planned for.

Anyone can experiment using TONIKA. For example: coloring separate locks to create an unforgettable image.
2. Do not try toning right after henna dyening
Since the result could be different from your expectations. You need to wait no less than 2 months before using TONIKA.
If you want to remove yellowness after bleaching your hair, you should mix TONIKA with a hair balm in proportions recommended by the manufacturer. For heavily damaged curls as a result of discoloration, the amount of balm should be doubled.
3. Do not tone your hair right after highlighting or bleaching.
Hair needs time to recover after such aggressive procedures, otherwise it may require serious treatment. It should also be borne in mind that if the strands have previously been lightened and have already grown, you must first paint the roots so that the resulting shade is as even as possible.

For gray hair it is recommended to use intensive tinting agents, since light preparations can give unpigmented hair an unpleasant gray or yellow tone.
4. Do notuse hair conditioner before toning
The conditioner will interfere with the uniform action of the dye.
5. Apply TONIKA on clean hair
Because of the dense structure of the oil or styling agent, TONIKA will not penetrate the structure of dirty hair. Use a special shampoo after the procedure.
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